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Neil & Tamura Wilson

Tamura and I decided to spend 9 days of our 2 week, 5-year Wedding Anniversary vacation, in South Africa. As a VMF Volunteer since 2007, I’ve toured South Africa, and have stayed at the Foundation, on my own, and with our oldest son, Daniel. This was Tamura’s first time on the Foundation, and we had an amazing time. Working with the Vervets was just as rewarding as I expected from past visits.

Tamura was so privileged to be able to spend time with Bell, the blind Baby Vervet. We both got quite the daily workout hiking around the foundation to collect grass, pods, and to help out where needed. The food was so amazing, and every time I come back I find that I learn so much more about the Vervets, more about people from other Countries, and I love the teamwork and camaraderie working for the better, with volunteers from all over the world. Obviously, I will be back!